How To Benefit from a $200 Billion +
 a Year Advertising Industry

When is the last time an advertiser/marketer paid you a percentage of their ad budget? I'm going to show you how you can get a piece of $200+ billion a year of international ad budgets  used in social media advertising and marketing.

> What if you could participate in a passive income program that delivered a 25% return monthly!?

> What if there were a way to loan crypto to large social media marketing companies with a consistent monthly return?

> What if you could use crypto and a decentralized platform that would protect your crypto from central banks and governments?

> What if you could earn even greater profits through an affiliate program?

> What if you could get your initial loan back in 4 months?

> Are you concerned about your government freezing your bank account?

> Are you fearful of getting involved in Ponzi schemes when it comes to crypto?

> Are you financially prepared for retirement?

>What if you became the bank that loans crypto to a fifteen year old company that does not have the volatility of crypto trading?

> What if you made $125 for every 550 crypto loan you made to an international social media marketing company and was paid in crypto?

Want to learn more? Watch our videos below to learn about a unique program that delivers a 25% monthly return for using your money as a loan to a fifteen year proven business.

Combine crypto decentralization with social media advertising through a private loan program

Watch these videos on a new innovative personal loan program that deliver 25% return on your loan to social media advertising & marketing companies

Webinar Hosted June, 2023 Please note program details are subject to change since video produced.

Enroll through Os & Pamela sponsorship
Go to:

Enter: 2D0B449B  in the blank

PLEASE NOTE: Do not sign up for Amsys until you
have a wallet address that will be asked for during signup process.

Please note! A statement appears on the signup page that says "Not available for US or BC (Canada). Do not continue from this point." This statement is shown as an effort to be in compliance with US and BC governments that are in the process of seeking to discourage involvement with AMSYS, but are not legally prohibited at this time. Please note this is a high risk program given the volatile nature of the crypto marketplace currently. Participate at your own risk. The program is fully operational in the U

The step-by-step for getting started in Amsys:

1. You must have an exchange that allows you to purchase USDT and TRX. I recommend Use this link
However, Coinzoom does not allow the purchase of TRX as the SEC has deemed TRX to be a security.
You will earn $5 in Zoom rewards using my referral link above.

TRX is used to pay "gas fees" when you purchase your packages.   You will need to purchase about $10 of  TRX for each $550 package.  Kraken and ZKE and allow purchase of TRX.

Note: Before you enroll in Amsys you must have a decentralized wallet address (like Exodus) to receive USDT using Tron network TRC20. You will be asked for this in your sign-up process. See diagram below on this page of a Wallet Address example. This is where your monthly airdrop is sent to your decentralized wallet.

2.    Get a non-custodial crypto wallet like Exodus. download program on your computer and then your phone. This short video tutorial below will help you set up your Exodus wallet on your computer before our call. Only perform the steps shown in the first 2 minutes of this video: 

3.    Once you have a wallet address for receiving your monthly payment you will need to copy and paste that address in the signup application. To sign up under Os Hillman go to:      Enter referral code: 2D0B449B  OR, get the referral ink from your sponsor.

4.    Fund your exchange account with a fiat currency wire from your bank. For each $550 package allot $570 in fiat to purchase USDT and TRX.

5.    Send ("withdraw") the USDT to your non-custodial external wallet (i.e., Exodus) address. Make sure when setting up your Exodus wallet you go to Assets and checkmark USDT Tron or TRX as one of your listed asset options. Otherwise, if you try to setup your USDT Tron wallet you will not be able to choose that option in the dropdown under USDT.

6.    Purchase a small amount of TRX in your exchange like to cover gas fees inside of AMSYS when buying packages and send to your external wallet along with your USDT. Send TRX to your Exodus account. If you do not want to open a Kraken account and use your existing exchange, you can swap USDT inside Exodus for a small amount of TRX.

7.    See purchasing of package instructions below.

8. In preparation for our onboarding call, I recommend you install the Exodus wallet on your computer before installing on your phone since we will be working from your computer to do your registration with AMSYS which you can download from here. Always be on a computer or tablet when meeting with Os or Lisa. Make sure you sign up first using a computer versus a phone. Always use a company for our Zoom calls.

If you need assistance make an appt with Os or Lisa. We can help you set these up. MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING A COMPUTER, NOT A PHONE TO SETUP YOUR ACCOUNTS.

Lisa appt scheduler

Os appt scheduler

Please note that Amsys has been migrating to a new website and sometimes access can be sporadic during this time.

Once you fund your Exodus or Decentralized Wallet, follow these instructions for buying your packages

You will need a Wallet address before you can open an Amsys account. If you used Exodus it looks like the picture above. Go to USDT Tron network. Click on Receive and copy the address shown on the right and paste in your registration form when opening your Amsys account with link and sponsor code.

Need to chat before you sign up? Great. Make an appointment below to chat or to take the next step after opening your exchange account. Feel free to reach out to Lisa with the onboarding process. Feel free to text Os at 404-964-2777 if you just want to chat about this program.

“And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day." - Deuteronomy 8:18

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Os Hillman is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant on the subject of faith at work. Hillman has written 24 books on faith and work-related subjects and a daily workplace email devotional entitled TGIF - Today God Is First that is read by several hundred thousand people daily in 105 countries. Os has been in business over 40 years.

Os is married to Pamela, who is founding president and CEO of LifeChangers Legacy, Chebar Ministries, Inc, a prison and re-entry mentoring international ministry with a 4-Phase “I See ME Free” curriculum with job-readiness, and health and wellness programs. She has a “YouNiquely You” Thrift Store and Resource Center in Cumming, Ga. They live happily with their 4 dogs in north Atlanta.
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